Conscious Financial Well-Being


Money Smart Week is April 10- 17, 2021. Let’s start 2021 being financial smart and focused NOW. Your efforts, actions and intentions need to stay in the front of your mind to improve or grow your credit, eliminate your debt or build wealth!! Check out SEVERAL of these resources that can help you achieve your goal.

Also be sure to listen to this past podcasts that have focused on FINANCIAL WELLNESS

Smart Money



M.A.Y.A. Episode #20: The Emotion and Mindset Behind Money

The holiday season is upon us, but it is unlike any other holiday we have ever experienced. This season, many people are struggling to a make it and now they have the added stress of trying to meet the expectation of the biggest holiday of the year. Question??? Have you taken the time to stop and really consider how 2020 has changed, re-arranged or impacted your life? If not, now is the time to start and a conversation about money generally gets everyone’s attention. In this episode of M.A.Y.A., Stacie L Daniel, Wealth Strategist and Insurance Broker, joins the show to explore the mental and emotional behaviors tied to how we spend money. Understanding the origins of your financial habits can move you from financial sabotage to desired financial security and success.


M.A.Y.A. Special College Career Edition ( Three Part Series)

M.A.Y.A. Special College Career Edition ( Part Three)

College is one of the most important times of a young adult’s life. The transition from a parental guided life to independence can be exciting and at the same time, overwhelming. Part Three: The Freshmen Financial Challenge, dives into the financial mistakes that many college freshmen make. It is common knowledge that financial literacy is often not placed in a into a position of importance , yet a lack of understanding how money works often becomes a long term issues that results in financial struggles over their lifetime. Vice President of Mortgage Lending , Guarantee Rate, Catherine Okoroh joins the show to help expand the conversation and to help illuminate the financial challenges that young adults face during one of the most important, exciting and challenging times of their lives…college

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