The Chatter

Check out Maya’s NEW Show The Chatter! The Chatter is a podcast that will focus on past and current hot topics that have new details, as well as, stories that potentially will be the NEXT What’s Trending headline in 30 minutes.. The Chatter is the quick down and dirty on relevant news!!!

August 12, 2015 Episode- The Podcast Kick-off!!!

This podcast topics include:

New details on the events surroundng Chrstian Taylor’s death
JRW Lawsuit…no more
Mississippi State students attempt to join ISIS??
Child Free Flights??
And Football back IN Los Angeles possibly by 2016???

Click Here To LISTEN!!!!


August 27, 2015 Episode

This podcast topics include:

National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) rolls out its Rrling regarding Kain Colter and Northwestern University Football Team’s effort to Unionize. Guest, Attorney Bart Beals breakdowns the ruling

The Chicago Tribune Columinst Kristen McQueary’s article New Orleans, Chicago and Rebirth, and the outrage it sparked calling for a storm like Hurricane Katrina in Chicago…. I share my perspective on what really should have mattered..

Click Here To LISTEN!!!

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