M.A.Y.A. Episode #49: Assigning Value to Your Relationships

All relationships are not created equal. Every relationship has it own unique place and time of origin, purpose and even function. The level of energy, focus and time applied to a relationship is related to the value the relationship has to the respective people in involved. Many factors are integral in how we perceive the value of a relationship. Some of these factors include; time spent and the duration of a relationship, emotional and mental connections, physical proximities, attraction , purpose and function. Despite these factors, there is one aspect of the relationship that should be front and center in deciding it ‘s value, YOU. Tune in to M.A.Y.A. Episode #49 as we discussed how to assign value to relationships in a way to help you understand, manage and build healthy and satisfying relationships dynamics.

M.A.Y.A. Episode # 48: Understanding the Art of The Apology

Apologies are complicated, mainly because how we think, or feel often are not congruent with the situation that elicited them. Apologies involve complex emotions, such as anger, guilt, shame and sometimes fear. No matter which emotion is driving your thoughts and behaviors it often makes stepping up and being accountable difficult. Tune into M.A.Y.A. Episode # 48: Understanding the Art of The Apology to explore the apology process. We will dive into what an apology really is, what it entails and how to make sure you make the most of what often can be a difficult thing to do

M.A.Y.A: Episode #47: Shine Bright…See Gaslighters

Part of the working on and managing the best version of you is putting tools into your toolbox that will help you to identify when people are working against your best interests. Gaslighting is something we are often aware of and probably have experienced, but never put a name to the disregard and disrespect that it is. Gaslighting is a type of psychological abuse or sabotage that a person tries to inflict or engage another person in with the intention of creating confusion and self doubt to gain control so that they can perpetuate their personal interest. Tune into this episode to explore and understand gaslighting and how it can be a true detriment to you getting to the best version of yourself!

M.A.Y.A: Episode #46: Being Mindful About TOXIC Positivity

Let’s have a candid conversation about positivity. We all want to get our mind, emotions and action in a space that is positive.. even when the circumstances or situation is presenting itself otherwise. Understanding how to navigate compromising emotional state is an important tool to have in your M.A.Y.A Toolbox. Tune into Episode #45 as we discuss the underbelly of positive thinking aka as Toxic Positivity. Toxic positivity is when a person approaches every difficult situation with a positive mindset and attitude. Though that may sound reasonable , it is not realistic or healthy. Join the conversation to find out why?!?!

M.A.Y.A: Episode #45 Building the Brand that is “YOU”

So often we think of a “brand” as a professional concept…The overall marketing of a product, service or company image. Have you ever stopped to think of the idea of a brand as being a personal concept? We often build our “personal” brand without a second thought….until now. Tune into M.A.Y.A: Episode #45 Building the Brand that is “YOU” as we discussed what is a personal brand? And what does your brand say about you?

M.A.Y.A. Episode 43: Preparing for Post Pandemic World with Guest Dr. Solomon Liburd

The world is opening up with as much excitement as there is uncertainty. The past fourteen months have been challenging for everyone, emotionally, mentally, physically, financially, socially, professionally and spiritually. As we prepared to open up the world and return to what we know, as well as, to what has changed, do not move forward without properly evaluating what is normal and what maybe new. Take time to assess where you are, where you have been, but more importantly…where you want to be!!! Tune into Episode #43 of M.A.Y.A. as we discuss the importance of evaluating your plan of returning back to back to “normal life. Joining me to discuss the importance of health and wellness in a post pandemic world will be Dr. Solomon Liburd, Health and wellness advocate and guru

M.A.Y.A. Episode 42: The Many Facets of YOU

Tune into M.A.Y.A. Episode 42: The Many Facets of YOU as we revisit the very important and impactful conversation about the understanding of the self aka YOU. Having understanding and insight into the dimensions of self is the foundation of all the hard work you are putting into getting to that best version of you . How close are you to your IDEAL self ? Do you agree with the ever so present REAL self? Tune in Saturday as we take a closer look at the SELVES and are you reconciling or wrecking your Best Self work?

M.A.Y.A. Episode #41: The Power of Self Talk ( NEW TIME!!!)

Namaste Everyone.. Join me for M.A.Y.A. My Ambition Your Ambition Episode 41: The Power of Self Talk. Your inner voice or better yet internal dialogue, has significant impact on how you think, feel, and behave. Self-talk has a direct influence on your self-image. How you perceive and interpret your social and self-identity ( YES there is a difference) is influenced by external factors that you then process internally. Part of that internal process is self talk!!!! Tune in and let’s put into perspective “your” self talk and take a closer at the most important conversations you have been engaged in!!!

M.A.Y.A. Episode #40: Attitude is EVERYTHING

How many time have you heard “Attitude is EVERYTHING?!?!” More importantly have you ever taken the time to think about what that means ? Attitude is defined as “a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior”. If attitude manifest as your behavior and is driven by your thoughts and feelings,..it is EVERYTHING..Your Thought,s Emotions and Actions. Join M.A.Y.A. as we explore the driving force behind attitude and how to make it a positive tool you use versus wasting its potential by pandering to negative outcomes in life.