The RewindSports:60 

The Rewind Sports:60 is the brain child of Producer and Host Jerry Riles. TRS60 is the only LIVE multimedia sports show that talks all Sports. All Chicago with every episode. Also the show rebroadcast several times per week on Cable25 on WOW, RCN and Comcast ( City of Chicago Only), as well as ,TuneIn radio (George Bliss Radio).

MMMM Show Poster.jpg

Monday Morning Musings with Maya

Checkout out my new video blog that will address and discuss many social, community topics and everything in between as I begin my journey pursuing a Doctorate in Clinical psychology!!!

Join Me EVERY Monday @ 10:00AM CST via Facebook LIVE Click to Connect!!


Get ready for a radio talk show that is designed to be proactive in content. Focused on being authentic conversation about everything from career, relationships, social issues, economics or politics be prepared for candid conversations that are edge and honest. You Better Believe Radio NEVER Looked SO Good





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